What Does Your Voice Say About You?

Have you watched Love Is Blind on Netflix? The premise is that men and women date each other through a wall, sight unseen. During the first season, Lauren Speed and Cameron Hamilton got engaged after just five of these dates. They had never met prior to the show, but their voices alone were enough to fall in love. Now they’ve been married for two years.

The lesson is: It’s not just the content of what you say. It’s also how you say it. Love Is Blind is an extreme example, but it shows how much information your voice can convey. As speakers, we tend to focus more on the content of our conversations than the way we speak. But research tells us that’s a big mistake.

What happens when we shift our attention to nonverbal cues? Pretty great benefits like more money, better jobs, and improved social skills. Learn more about how you can brush up your nonverbal communication skills in our Instaread on Cues.

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