Your new 80/20 playbook

You’re probably familiar with the Pareto principle, which tells us that 20 percent of our effort directs about 80 percent of outcomes. Global executive Bill Canady applies that formula to the business world in his latest bestseller, positing that 20 percent of processes, products, and customers generate 80 percent of revenue. Turbo Goal Setting The […]

The billionaires’ plot

Remember Mark Zuckerberg’s promise that “legs are coming soon”? He was talking about his concept of the metaverse, an “embodied internet” where users would find new ways to spend time and money. He’s just one of the “Controligarchs” who Seamus Bruner blasts in his recent book about magnates who have too much power. Addicted to […]

đŸ’° How venture capital fosters innovation đŸ’°

A handful of key investments can lead to extraordinary returns. That’s the “power law” of venture capitalism, coined by journalist Sebastian Mallaby. Our latest Instaread delves into how VC has grown and influenced the world economy, including major firms and groundbreaking startups. The VC Mindset Radical ideas. Unconventional thinkers. These are the things that venture […]

You need a worthy nemesis

What if we told you that your enemies are just as important as your friends? Challenges and opponents generate emotional energy that you can leverage into motivation, strength, and success. Our latest release shows you how.   Choose Wisely In business and in life, choosing the right enemy can be a powerful motivator. Make sure you […]

How to cultivate immaculate vibes

Company culture is a mysterious concept to a lot of people. Let’s clear one thing up: a positive culture is cultivated with effort. It’s not just something that appears organically. How can you make sure the vibes are right? A Cohesive Approach Identifying the desired culture for a company requires a clear understanding of its […]

Big data? No problem.

The field of data engineering moves so fast that it can be challenging to stay on top of best practices and new approaches. That’s why data experts Joe Reis and Matt Housley partnered on a field guide that covers everything from easy concepts to advanced practices. Our latest Instaread hits the high points of this […]

How to start a business in 48 hours

Noah Kagan has launched eight different businesses worth more than a million dollars. The hardest part, in his opinion? Getting started. Are you a “wantrepreneur” who is nervous about getting an idea off the ground? This Instaread is for you. Kickstart Your Business Kagan designed his concept for the Million Dollar Weekend to guide aspiring […]

Why projects fail

Home renovations are notorious for going over budget. But plenty of other endeavors — whether it’s construction or space exploration — have the same problem. Big projects are high-risk and high-cost by nature. How can we increase our odds of success? Shorten the Active Phase Projects that fail often suffer from extended durations, which heighten […]

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