Learn to live with less

The hot bar at Whole Foods did not exist for most of human history. For the longest time, food was scarce and not particularly appetizing. Things changed when the global food system shifted to producing an overabundance of the good stuff. Problem is, evolution hasn’t caught up with the shift, and our brains are still […]

Can marketing be evil?

Have you watched Pain Hustlers on Netflix? It’s based on the story of Insys Therapeutics, a pharmaceutical company that played a big part in the U.S. opioid crisis. The company’s product was a fentanyl spray to treat severe pain that could have helped a small number of critically ill patients. Instead, it spread suffering among people who never […]

Don’t be shy

Networking is easy for some people. But for introverts, it can feel inauthentic and draining. Business consultant and coach Matthew Pollard has developed a proven process for introverts to overcome their fear of networking, build genuine connections, and set themselves apart. Narrow Your Focus Finding your passion is the easy part. Locating your niche can […]

Clarify. Enhance. Close.

What if you could increase your business revenue fourfold in just six years? That’s what Donald Miller, CEO of Business Made Simple and StoryBrand, did with his operation. His “Small Business Flight Plan” can help you get there fast. Draw Precise Blueprints Defining a clear goal for your business is the primary role of a […]

Raise money like a pro 💰💰

Venture capital is its own little world, with jargon, social hierarchy, and etiquette that aren’t necessarily intuitive. Brad Feld and Jason Mendelson, co-founders of the venture capital fund Foundry Group, have developed Venture Deals, a direct and actionable guide for entrepreneurs who need the lay of the land. Our latest Instaread distills key points and concepts […]

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