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The world is on fire 🔥

Here’s a not-so-fun fact to keep in mind as another heat wave hits large swaths of the United States: Almost half of California’s 20 largest wildfires have occurred in the last four years. These fires are becoming more frequent and more deadly, occurring year-round instead of being limited to a season.  The Problem Is Spreading […]

Let’s talk about Ozempic

Historically, obesity was so rare that it only affected the superrich or people with genetic conditions. But around 1979, obesity rates began to rise very quickly, more than doubling over a 30-year period in the United States. Much of this phenomenon can be attributed to a single cause: processed foods. The Fight Against Fat Today’s […]

Your new 80/20 playbook

You’re probably familiar with the Pareto principle, which tells us that 20 percent of our effort directs about 80 percent of outcomes. Global executive Bill Canady applies that formula to the business world in his latest bestseller, positing that 20 percent of processes, products, and customers generate 80 percent of revenue. Turbo Goal Setting The […]

Remembering the Challenger shuttle

It was over in under two minutes. But the fragments of the Challenger space shuttle would take nearly an hour to splash down into the ocean. By midnight, about 95 percent of American adults had seen the video footage of the explosion. The question on everyone’s mind: What happened? Uneasy Answers It would take years, […]

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