How To Build Buzz

Creating buzz around your business is a tough task. While it may seem to come naturally to influencers, they put a lot of work into building their followings. We know that managing accounts on more than one media platform may seem daunting, especially when you start. That’s okay! Here’s a shortcut: try focusing on just […]

Marketing Made Easy

A good sales presentation—whether it’s in the form of a meeting, an email, web copy, an advertisement, or something else—is most effective when it’s super simple. Think of your presentation as a story, with compelling characters and plot. It should have emotional appeal. (Pure reason doesn’t sell.) Keep in mind that it’s usually best to […]

Will AI Help You Live Longer?

The field of health care has experienced expansive progress in the past decades. But at the same time, the practice of medicine has become increasingly dehumanized. Doctors have less time to spend with their patients, which means more misdiagnoses and other mistakes. On top of that, human practitioners are prone to error. There are around […]

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