A hard look at the religious right

Has Christianity been hijacked by far-right conservatives? That’s the argument of journalist Tim Alberta, a Christian whose father was an evangelical pastor. Alberta says that the pursuit of power has overshadowed spiritual missions in many of these communities. His new book explores the conflict between authentic faith and political identity. Losing Ground  The term “evangelical” […]

Escaping Scientology

The Church of Scientology is notoriously controlling and secretive, and little is known about its inner workings. Mike Rinder was a high-ranking exec in the church until one day he’d finally had enough—and left. In A Billion Years, he recounts his unusual life story, offering a peek into a world that most of us will never see. […]

Why the KKK got a second wind

The Ku Klux Klan first started using violence and intimidation to uphold white supremacy in the American South after the Civil War. But many people don’t realize that the secretive organization’s real rise to power came later, in the Midwest, when it added other minorities to its hit list, including Catholics, Jews, and immigrants.  The […]

Mindfulness for Annoyed People

When you think of meditation and mindfulness, what comes to mind? A calm afternoon on retreat, perhaps, or a mountain cabin vacation. But mindfulness should be an everyday practice, not just something that happens when conditions are right. The Zen master and Buddhist monk Thich Nhat Hanh said that you can practice mindfulness anywhere, whether […]

The War on Satan

Do the thoughts you’re thinking truly belong to you? Are you sure? In Battlefield of the Mind, Christian author Joyce Meyer writes that each of our minds is a battleground for the epic forces of good and evil. Satan can take control of our thoughts in a slow, imperceptible manner. But we can wrest back control, […]

All You Need Is Love

Actions always speak louder than words. This old saying is never more true than when it comes to love, Christianity’s most treasured principle. Unfortunately, some people prefer to talk about God’s love without letting it work in their own lives. Loving nice people is easy. But what about not-so-nice people, or lonely people, or even […]

Heaven on Earth

Today, C.S. Lewis is best known for fictional stories like The Chronicles of Narnia. But in the 1940s, during World War II, Lewis was more famous as a radio personality. In fact, he was on British radio so often that his voice became as famous as Winston Churchill’s. Lewis was offered a broadcast on modern literature, […]

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