Was January 6 a sequel?

Rachel Maddow has spent a lot of time discussing the events of January 6, 2021, on MSNBC. But that was not the first time that the United States has faced the threat of a coup. In her latest bestseller, Maddow rewinds to the 1930s and ’40s, when American fascists attempted to replace the US government […]

Pump Club 📖

When Arnold Schwarzenegger moved to the United States in 1968, he was aghast. The general public knew nothing about bodybuilding. Arnie knew he had a duty. A duty to pump you up. Sell the Vision Schwarzenegger argued that bodybuilders needed to teach journalists about the sport, and took it upon himself to educate the public. Authenticity and owning […]

Change your relationship to time

Have you ever seen one of those live baby eagle cams? During COVID-19 lockdowns, writer and artist Jenny Odell watched one and it inspired her to begin documenting changes in nature with photos taken from her window. She wasn’t alone; eBirds reported a 37 percent increase in birdwatchers posting observations in 2021. What did they learn? Bird […]

Do you want to believe?

Thousands of unidentified flying objects have been recorded since the 1940s. And while UFO research has largely been dismissed as conspiracy theories, governments around the world take it very seriously. What have they learned? Alien Tech In 1946 alone, Sweden reported more than 2,000 sightings of “ghost rockets” that could not be explained. Building on […]

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