How to start a business in 48 hours

Noah Kagan has launched eight different businesses worth more than a million dollars. The hardest part, in his opinion? Getting started. Are you a “wantrepreneur” who is nervous about getting an idea off the ground? This Instaread is for you. Kickstart Your Business Kagan designed his concept for the Million Dollar Weekend to guide aspiring […]

How happy are you, really?

We talk a lot about work-life balance. But have you considered your screen-life balance? All the apps we use are like little attention thieves who hack our brains to keep us engaged. In her new book The Power of Fun, health and science journalist Catherine Price talks about how to put down your devices and start […]

Follow the money

The advent of digital currency made criminal investigations a lot more complicated. But blockchain analysis tools used by federal investigators are already surprisingly sophisticated. An investigative journalist for Wired magazine delves deep into the weeds. Like eBay for Crime In California, in 2016, a team was assembled to flush out individual money launderers and drug dealers on […]

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