You were born to fail

As a cop, Secret Service agent, politician, television show host, and podcaster, Dan Bongino has failed his way through a lot of high-profile jobs. In fact, he believes that learning from those failures is what gave his career real momentum. His new memoir explores the alchemy of transforming mistakes into gold. Failing Is Teamwork You might […]

Progress = Me + We

Ginni Rometty, the first woman to lead IBM, retired from the company in 2020 after almost 40 years of service. She learned a lot in her long career. With a focus on service and stewardship, Rometty has combined her personal story with leadership advice in Good Power, our latest Instaread. Harnessing Power A big problem is […]

Unmasking high-tech threats

The world’s most famous hacker died a few months ago. Of course, by the time Kevin Mitnick passed away, he had pivoted to become a security consultant. (As it turns out, becoming famous as a hacker is a professional liability.) Written after he spent five years in prison, Mitnick’s essential text on tech security is […]

Clarify. Enhance. Close.

What if you could increase your business revenue fourfold in just six years? That’s what Donald Miller, CEO of Business Made Simple and StoryBrand, did with his operation. His “Small Business Flight Plan” can help you get there fast. Draw Precise Blueprints Defining a clear goal for your business is the primary role of a […]

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