The Next Cultural Revolution

What is Critical Race Theory? According to James Lindsay, an author and mathematician, it’s a vehicle for the new Communist agenda.  It’s difficult to define CRT, in part because many of its adherents disagree about what it is. According to Lindsay, this is a deliberate strategy to blur the line, move goalposts, and invent new […]

The Conservative Manifesto

Marked by civil unrest and shaped by the Cold War, the 1960s was a tumultuous time in the United States. People often associate that decade with liberal counterculture, but it was also an important and formative time for American conservatives. Enter Barry Goldwater, a Republican Senator who decided that what his party needed was a […]

The Man Behind the Conspiracy Theories

Before he became the subject of all those strange conspiracy theories, George Soros was best known as an honest-to-goodness businessperson and international philanthropist. At age 91, he still has billions, but that’s not even the most interesting thing about him. He survived Nazi Germany before he ever became a student of economics.  His early brush […]

A World Turned Upside Down

January 2021 was the worst month of US Congressman Jamie Raskin’s life.  After a long struggle with depression, Raskin’s only son Tommy took his own life on New Year’s Eve. Just one week later, violent insurrectionists stormed the US Capitol.  January 6 was Raskin’s first day back to work after his son’s death. It was […]

Who’s Pulling Your Strings?

Propaganda doesn’t have the best reputation. We often associate it with manipulation, like Nazi propaganda in World War II. And we can still see its negative effects today, playing out in places such as Eastern Europe.  But propaganda isn’t inherently good or bad. It can be used for a wide range of purposes. Consider public […]

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