Watch Your Mouth

What if you could pin all the world’s problems on one source? As a spiritual guru, Eckhart Tolle has given the matter some thought. In A NEW EARTH, he writes about how society would transform if only humankind could transcend its self-centered point of view.

In a book full of lofty ideas, Tolle offers a very practical piece of advice: Watch what you say about yourself.

Consider how the statements you make can shape your very notion of who you are. If you say “I’m bad with money” or “I’m too fat,” for example, those characteristics can quickly become part of your identity—and a force that shapes future behavior, perhaps causing you to overspend or overeat even when you know better. 

Tolle cautions that self-deprecating statements reinforce a negative state of being. One fix would be to aim for more positive self-talk. Tolle’s solution is more radical: he recommends trying not to think about yourself at all, and focusing your attention on finding spiritual unity in the universe.We say either strategy is worth a shot. To learn more about Tolle’s vision for A NEW EARTH, head over to the Instaread app.

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