Make Yourself Understood

There are many barriers to communicating clearly in our modern world. Every day, people misunderstand one another, but they rarely realize there’s a problem until it’s too late. How can you make sure that you say what you mean—and that other people hear you? Here are two top insights from our latest release, TALKING TO […]

Weekend Wisdom – Your Path to Greatness

A lot of companies are good. But there’s a big difference between good and great—and many people are unsure about how to effect the transformation. In the aptly titled GOOD TO GREAT, author Jim Collins shows how to transform an average company into an outstanding organization. One piece of advice he offers is to always be honest about […]

Increase Your Negotiation IQ

Negotiation is a skill that requires patience and deep psychological insight. To get the deal of your dreams, you need to be aware of all the variables that may impact the process. Learn how to build better relationships, calculate the best position, and exceed other people’s expectations with our Instaread on BARGAINING FOR ADVANTAGE.

How One Company Changed the Rules

The Toyota company’s leadership and culture has been a game changer in the world of business management. For more than 50 years, Toyota’s guiding principles have promoted high efficiency, strong leadership, and self-reliance in its workforce. For insight into how the company has nurtured strong core values while remaining nimble enough to respond to new […]

Weekend Wisdom – How to be Present

There have always been competing demands on your time and attention. But now that many of us are working from home, it’s more difficult than ever to field distractions and focus on what’s important. Meditation can help, but you may find that concentration is in short supply. Fortunately, Jon Kabat-Zinn says that you don’t need […]

Maximize Your Mental Resources

Want to banish burnout and achieve peak productivity? First you need insight into the inner workings of your brain. A little understanding goes a long way, effectively honing your ability to better manage distractions, collaborate seamlessly, and work faster. Activate optimum efficiency mode with our Instaread on YOUR BRAIN AT WORK.

Wisdom From an Iconic Leader

When Coach Bill Walsh led the San Francisco 49ers to an unexpected championship in the 1970s, he changed the game of American football. Walsh is known for perfecting his team’s plays and promoting team unity instead of focusing on the score, a strategy from which we can all learn. Here are two top insights from our latest […]

The Secret Lives of Babies

A new baby will bring joy into your household. But parenting can also be a challenge—that is, until you crack the code. Once you learn how to interpret the baby’s “language”—the cries and nonverbal cues that infants use to communicate what they want—you’ll have it made. Troubleshoot sleeping problems, feeding issues, and other new parenting […]

Think Like a Stoic

It can be difficult to think clearly when you’re afraid. By accepting the inevitability of suffering and death, the Stoics were able to make rational decisions that were never clouded by fear. Based on the life and teachings of Marcus Aurelius, HOW TO THINK LIKE A ROMAN EMPEROR imparts ancient philosophy by way of modern […]

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