Four Investment Secrets

Real estate is the fastest path to financial freedom, and you can get there in less than five years. Your first deal is the most important. Here are four investment secrets that will help you get started. 1. Invest in apartment buildings. They don’t require a large initial outlay, and you can acquire funds from private […]

Go ahead, blow your budget

If you’re trying to save money, you have three options: decrease your spending, increase your income, or both. We can simplify even further. Research suggests that people don’t save much more money when they reduce spending. That means it’s better to focus on upping your income instead of depriving yourself of fancy coffees and other […]

Is Progressive Education a Problem?

About 16,000 hours. That’s how long kids spend in elementary, middle, and high school in the United States.  In Battle for the American Mind, Fox News host Pete Hegseth argues that every aspect of the American high school experience is a product of so-called progressive education. In the U.S., ideas about white privilege and systemic racism […]

Don’t be a Passenger

In business, there are two types of people: the drivers and the passengers. Drivers are the folks who seize initiative, spotting problems and creating value for the company. Passengers are the people who are content to just come along for the ride.  You can guess which type of person is more valuable to a company.  […]

What AI Doesn’t Know

Artificial intelligence has made a lot of headlines this year, but for now, data is still pretty dumb. The human brain can grasp cause and effect, which keeps us a step ahead. But AI isn’t too far behind. We have the edge because we use sophisticated models to think about problems. These models help us […]

The Two Faces of Genghis Khan

Violence. Rape. Pillaging. The Mongol conqueror Genghis Khan is often thought of as one of history’s worst villains. But Genghis Khan also had an outsized influence on polite society, building a great empire that thrived on culture, trade, technology, and tolerance. In fact, many of our modern traditions and laws were influenced by his rule. Genghis […]

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