The billionaire mindset

Rich people just think different. If you can train your mind to adopt that way of thinking, you’re one step closer to amassing wealth. In our latest release, ultra-successful entrepreneur Brad Jacobs shares a series of mental exercises that will set you on the right path. Hesitation = Stagnation Imperfection is a fact of life. In […]

Think like a genius

Some of our toughest challenges originate from self-limiting beliefs: when we tell ourselves that we’re too damaged, have made too many mistakes, or that we’re not talented or wealthy enough. Changing those thoughts has the power to change reality. First and foremost, you need a different story. The New Narrative If you want to be […]

How to trust your team

Strong products are important, but the teams behind them matter most. Empowered teams need both incredible ideas and the means to quickly test them. That starts with senior leadership. How can you make sure that everyone involved has what they need to do their best work? Teamwork 101 Strong collaboration comes from the top down. […]

How to serve Future You

We live in a fast-paced world. But what happens when we pay attention to the things that remain constant amidst major changes? Looking for lasting stability instead of chasing the next trend can help you optimize risks, feel fulfilled, and achieve success. The Long Game The concept of long-term thinking influences the types of information […]

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