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Today, C.S. Lewis is best known for fictional stories like The Chronicles of Narnia. But in the 1940s, during World War II, Lewis was more famous as a radio personality. In fact, he was on British radio so often that his voice became as famous as Winston Churchill’s.

Lewis was offered a broadcast on modern literature, but chose to focus on his Christian faith instead. One of his central messages was that Christianity doesn’t apply to every person in quite the same way, shifting depending on the setting and situation.

Christianity values and emphasizes individuality in recognition of the fact that everyone is different, while still being part of the same holy body. It’s important to value differences in our earthly neighbors because ultimately, we’re all part of the same holy  organism.

Being a true Christian isn’t really about isolated acts or choices, Lewis said. It requires giving your entire self—the fullness of your life—to Christ. For more of Lewis’s deep thoughts on religion, check out our Instaread on Mere Christianity, the book that was adapted from his famous radio series.

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