The secret to everything

Consistency is the secret to anything and everything. It’s that simple. This advice applies to pretty much every area of life. Our brains crave familiarity, which makes it easy to repeat bad patterns. But the good news is it makes it easier to repeat good patterns, too.  You Need a New Identity Instead of chasing […]

Stop worrying about money

You know those financial advisors who say that you should stop buying fancy coffees? Forget ’em. Giving up on your daily latte isn’t going to solve your money problems, but it might make you miserable. Money expert Jared Dillian has some better advice: start concentrating on major financial decisions and stop sweating the small stuff. […]

Big data? No problem.

The field of data engineering moves so fast that it can be challenging to stay on top of best practices and new approaches. That’s why data experts Joe Reis and Matt Housley partnered on a field guide that covers everything from easy concepts to advanced practices. Our latest Instaread hits the high points of this […]

Transform your mindset

What stories are you telling yourself? What you believe about your past experience can shape your perceptions of what’s possible in the future. False narratives, fears, and a lack of purpose are the main barriers to action for most people.  The Hard Reset By recognizing that most fears are not real, you can push past […]

The next tech giants

Quantum computers are really cool — literally. The machines have to operate at temps near absolute zero (about -273 degrees Celsius) to maintain something called quantum coherence (don’t ask). As you can imagine, the costs are high, but scientists are predicting the payoff will be immense. So What Do They Do? One thing that researchers […]

How to say the right thing

We often take words for granted. But they wield incredible power. Words can get you hired (or fired), close a sale, or change your relationships. In our latest Instaread, we share six types of words that will dramatically boost the effectiveness of your communication. Cut the Filler According to marketing professor Jonah Berger, certain categories […]

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