Interval training for your career

Becoming your best self is challenging. The main barrier for most people is not the absence of knowledge or talent, but a lack of consistency. Execution is everything because excellent ideas are useless if they aren’t put into practice. How can you close the execution gap? Just Add Urgency A lot of people and organizations […]

Economic security in an uncertain world

New York University business school professor Scott Galloway has spent his career working with young people. In that capacity and as a highly successful business person in his own right, Galloway has compiled some of his best advice for intentional living and financial security in The Algebra of Wealth.   Talent Over Passion Galloway cautions against following […]

How to find more time

Two to five hours a day. That’s the sweet spot for how much free time you need in order to feel satisfied with your life. By managing your time better, you can become much happier without making drastic changes. Our latest Instaread can show you how. Time Abundance The way we experience time is subjective, […]

Where’d the money go?

“Wealth erosion” happens when big fortunes aren’t passed down through generations. In 1900, the US was home to approximately 4,000 millionaires. If even one-fourth of them had handled their wealth well, that group would have produced 16,000 billionaires by now. Where did those families go wrong?   Keep Getting Richer It turns out that understanding how […]

Who’s “crazy”?

The history of mental health treatment in the United States is complex, particularly in Black communities. Using historical records as well as interviews with patients, staff, and family members, award-winning journalist Antonia Hylton explores the troubling influence of racial bias in health care and the criminal justice system. History Is Not the Past Psychiatry was […]

The case against smart phones

What if we’re doing parenting all wrong? Social psychologist Jonathan Haidt says that parents have become overprotective in the real world, where danger has diminished, while failing to protect kids online. Our latest release offers a course correction. The Right Kinds of Play Play researchers believe that minor injuries are actually beneficial for learning. Our […]

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