Can You Spot a Lie?

Fake news has been around for centuries. But in recent years, techniques have gotten more sophisticated and insidious, making misinformation super tough to spot, at least some of the time. Instead of rehashing which news networks and platforms have a fake news problem (spoiler alert: your opinion probably depends on your politics), it might be […]

This is the War on Knowledge

The disturbing images from Russia’s war on Ukraine are a powerful reminder of how brutal fascism can be. But it’s important to remember that fascism isn’t just sheer violence; it’s also a war on knowledge. In How Fascism Works, Yale professor Jason Stanley looks at how fascist leaders hold on to power with sneaky tactics like […]

How to be an Influencer

How do you build a huge following for your YouTube channel? The answer might surprise you: aim your material at a tiny target audience. It may seem counterintuitive, but you should focus your first videos on a niche topic. The more specific, the better. The best way to become recognized as an expert in the […]

Get Fit Quick

If you haven’t yet had your 60th birthday, chances are you know and love someone who has. As we grow older, we slowly start losing lean muscle mass. This isn’t just a vanity problem. Losing that muscle makes it easier to get injured and harder to stay active as we age. The good news is […]

The Dangers of Tracking Drug Lords

Mexican author and journalist Anabel Hernandez already knew that her government was corrupt. But a horrible family tragedy gave her the courage she needed to take her reporting to the next level. Outraged by authorities who told her that they would only investigate her father’s murder if her family paid a bribe, Hernandez redoubled her […]

Don’t Overlook This Easy Upgrade

Look around. Is this environment supporting your best life? Switching up your surroundings can boost your mood, productivity levels, and general sense of well-being. But we often take our spaces for granted, when we should cultivate them consciously. Research shows that our environments at home and work influence our quality of sleep, the way we […]

What has Shaped You?

Former White House press secretary Kayleigh McEnany’s father used to tell her this piece of advice.  But she didn’t really understand what he meant until she got older. In college, she realized that Christian conservatism formed the basis of her worldview, which had been instilled in her by loving parents. When she left her hometown, […]

Time to Pick a Side

Good men aren’t hard to find. They’ve just given up. That’s the opinion of Helen Smith, a psychologist who has had it with society’s anti-male bias. In Men on Strike, Smith traces the history of how men in Western society have been chased out of public and private life. She sees harmful stereotypes everywhere she looks. […]

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