Are you worried about old age?

Old age is a unique stage of life with unique — and often complicated — health considerations. Instead of stigmatizing our elders, we need to center their care and quality of life. Many healthcare systems around the world are inefficient and fragmented. How can we overcome these challenges so we can all age with dignity? […]

The Founding Father who lived for drama

The United States celebrates George Washington as its first president and the Fourth of July as the country’s birthday. You hear less about Samuel Adams, the Founding Father who fomented the American Revolution. One reason? Revolutions are messy, and the guys who get their hands dirty aren’t necessarily respectable.  Fake News Is Nothing New To […]

How to start a business in 48 hours

Noah Kagan has launched eight different businesses worth more than a million dollars. The hardest part, in his opinion? Getting started. Are you a “wantrepreneur” who is nervous about getting an idea off the ground? This Instaread is for you. Kickstart Your Business Kagan designed his concept for the Million Dollar Weekend to guide aspiring […]

The war on wokeness

Senator Ted Cruz says that the United States has a huge problem. That problem isn’t mass shootings, or the rising cost of health care, or the wealth gap. No, the biggest threat right now in Cruz’s eyes is the “woke” — Marxist Democrats who have too much influence on American society. Our latest release looks at […]

Fact-checking a very famous reporter

Last summer, former NFL star Michael Oher raised eyebrows when he claimed that he made no money from the famous Michael Lewis project, The Blind Side. Oher took his supposed benefactors, the Tuohy family, to court with allegations of exploitation. In the wake of these distressing allegations, it’s time to revisit Lewis’s reporting. What did he […]

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