More than just Wordle

Love it or hate it, The New York Times has been a cornerstone of American journalism for well over a century. Adam Nagourney, a veteran of the newspaper since 1996, has been there for some of the most volatile decades of the paper’s history. Our latest Instaread investigates. The Princess Di Effect The paper’s digital transition began […]

The billionaires’ plot

Remember Mark Zuckerberg’s promise that “legs are coming soon”? He was talking about his concept of the metaverse, an “embodied internet” where users would find new ways to spend time and money. He’s just one of the “Controligarchs” who Seamus Bruner blasts in his recent book about magnates who have too much power. Addicted to […]

Time to philosophize

The final work of historian and philosopher Will Durant, a Pulitzer Prize winner, was published more than 30 years after his death. Fallen Leaves contains some of his best thinking, including his writing on religion, war, politics, and art. Our latest release distills some of his most important ideas. The Past Never Dies History is more than […]

How to find more time

Two to five hours a day. That’s the sweet spot for how much free time you need in order to feel satisfied with your life. By managing your time better, you can become much happier without making drastic changes. Our latest Instaread can show you how. Time Abundance The way we experience time is subjective, […]

What happened to crypto?

It’s hard to believe it’s only been a few years since cryptocurrency surged into mainstream consciousness, attracting investors, celebrity endorsements, and dank memes. A lot has happened since then. Our latest Instaread traces the short, strange history of this new industry. Speculation & Fraud  The cryptocurrency sector promised a financial revolution, but it ended up […]

Where’d the money go?

“Wealth erosion” happens when big fortunes aren’t passed down through generations. In 1900, the US was home to approximately 4,000 millionaires. If even one-fourth of them had handled their wealth well, that group would have produced 16,000 billionaires by now. Where did those families go wrong?   Keep Getting Richer It turns out that understanding how […]

Who’s “crazy”?

The history of mental health treatment in the United States is complex, particularly in Black communities. Using historical records as well as interviews with patients, staff, and family members, award-winning journalist Antonia Hylton explores the troubling influence of racial bias in health care and the criminal justice system. History Is Not the Past Psychiatry was […]

You need a worthy nemesis

What if we told you that your enemies are just as important as your friends? Challenges and opponents generate emotional energy that you can leverage into motivation, strength, and success. Our latest release shows you how.   Choose Wisely In business and in life, choosing the right enemy can be a powerful motivator. Make sure you […]

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