The next big industry

Norway is making headlines for becoming the first country in the world to practice deep-sea mining on a commercial level. It’s a highly controversial practice—and while the mining is meant to be in service of green technologies, many scientists are deeply worried. What’s at stake? A New Area to Exploit The potential damage of seabed […]

Is email ruining your life?

Have you ever fantasized about a life without email? While modern communication tools may seem to increase efficiency, they can actually slow our mental processes as we switch between tasks. Our inboxes can also be a source of frustration and anxiety as messages pile up. The question is: what are we supposed to do about it? […]

How to be open-hearted

With popular, but isolating, activities like shopping online, ordering food delivery, and even watching Netflix, society is becoming more and more impersonal. Cultural commentator David Brooks sees social skills as the foundation of healthy living and strong communities. How can we connect with family, friends, neighbors, and colleagues on a deeper level? Sharpen Your Soft […]

Is credit ruining the world?

Debt is everywhere, but no one likes to talk about it. In modern society, the idea of paying one’s debt has become synonymous with morality—which makes it feel shameful not to pay. Anthropologist and activist David Graeber pointed out that debtors aren’t the ones who need to be redeemed. Let’s take a closer look. Capitalism […]

Can marketing be evil?

Have you watched Pain Hustlers on Netflix? It’s based on the story of Insys Therapeutics, a pharmaceutical company that played a big part in the U.S. opioid crisis. The company’s product was a fentanyl spray to treat severe pain that could have helped a small number of critically ill patients. Instead, it spread suffering among people who never […]

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