Let’s get random

What role does randomness play in our lives? Social science tells us that seemingly minor events can have surprisingly significant consequences. Embracing the chaos can help you better manage risk and make plans for the future. It can also make you happier. Leave Room for Chance Our economic and political systems simplify life’s rich tapestry […]

Stop worrying about money

You know those financial advisors who say that you should stop buying fancy coffees? Forget ’em. Giving up on your daily latte isn’t going to solve your money problems, but it might make you miserable. Money expert Jared Dillian has some better advice: start concentrating on major financial decisions and stop sweating the small stuff. […]

How to say the right thing

We often take words for granted. But they wield incredible power. Words can get you hired (or fired), close a sale, or change your relationships. In our latest Instaread, we share six types of words that will dramatically boost the effectiveness of your communication. Cut the Filler According to marketing professor Jonah Berger, certain categories […]

The war on wokeness

Senator Ted Cruz says that the United States has a huge problem. That problem isn’t mass shootings, or the rising cost of health care, or the wealth gap. No, the biggest threat right now in Cruz’s eyes is the “woke” — Marxist Democrats who have too much influence on American society. Our latest release looks at […]

Inside Sin City

Sin City is a place of eccentric characters, dirty secrets, and high drama. In our latest release, acclaimed author James Patterson and his co-writer Mark Seal delve into Las Vegas’s inner workings to offer a look into the lives of the people who make the city function. Errands & Escapades Everyone in Vegas has a […]

Hazing has gotten way worse

When young journalist Max Marshall began investigating a college fraternity in Charleston, South Carolina, he expected to uncover run-of-the-mill substance abuse and drug deals. Instead, he uncovered a murder — and a multimillion dollar drug operation. Exactly what is going on with the kids these days? Hell Week Consider the context these kids operate in, […]

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