The next tech giants

Quantum computers are really cool — literally. The machines have to operate at temps near absolute zero (about -273 degrees Celsius) to maintain something called quantum coherence (don’t ask). As you can imagine, the costs are high, but scientists are predicting the payoff will be immense. So What Do They Do? One thing that researchers […]

How happy are you, really?

We talk a lot about work-life balance. But have you considered your screen-life balance? All the apps we use are like little attention thieves who hack our brains to keep us engaged. In her new book The Power of Fun, health and science journalist Catherine Price talks about how to put down your devices and start […]

Is email ruining your life?

Have you ever fantasized about a life without email? While modern communication tools may seem to increase efficiency, they can actually slow our mental processes as we switch between tasks. Our inboxes can also be a source of frustration and anxiety as messages pile up. The question is: what are we supposed to do about it? […]

How to survive AI

There have been a lot of scary headlines about artificial intelligence. But underneath the drama, AI has been quietly become part of our lives, embedded in the products, services, and devices we use daily. So which is it? Is AI our worst nightmare, or could it just be…helpful? Managing Risk In The Coming Wave, AI expert […]

How to be a growth hacker

It’s one thing to want a huge following on social media, and quite another to make it happen. To build a massive global audience, you have to dream big but be patient. Success is a marathon, not a race, and it requires consistent effort over time.  Ads Should Have Value The importance of building credibility and […]

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