More than just Wordle

Love it or hate it, The New York Times has been a cornerstone of American journalism for well over a century. Adam Nagourney, a veteran of the newspaper since 1996, has been there for some of the most volatile decades of the paper’s history. Our latest Instaread investigates. The Princess Di Effect The paper’s digital transition began […]

The billionaires’ plot

Remember Mark Zuckerberg’s promise that “legs are coming soon”? He was talking about his concept of the metaverse, an “embodied internet” where users would find new ways to spend time and money. He’s just one of the “Controligarchs” who Seamus Bruner blasts in his recent book about magnates who have too much power. Addicted to […]

What happened to crypto?

It’s hard to believe it’s only been a few years since cryptocurrency surged into mainstream consciousness, attracting investors, celebrity endorsements, and dank memes. A lot has happened since then. Our latest Instaread traces the short, strange history of this new industry. Speculation & Fraud  The cryptocurrency sector promised a financial revolution, but it ended up […]

The case against smart phones

What if we’re doing parenting all wrong? Social psychologist Jonathan Haidt says that parents have become overprotective in the real world, where danger has diminished, while failing to protect kids online. Our latest release offers a course correction. The Right Kinds of Play Play researchers believe that minor injuries are actually beneficial for learning. Our […]

Big Tech’s gatekeepers

The internet began as one thing and has since become another. By the mid-2000s, tech behemoths such as Amazon, Apple, Facebook, and Twitter began to set the terms for how startups and creators connect with their audiences. Billions enjoy access due to their remarkable tech. But what is the cost? The Trade-Offs Pervasive surveillance by […]

Big data? No problem.

The field of data engineering moves so fast that it can be challenging to stay on top of best practices and new approaches. That’s why data experts Joe Reis and Matt Housley partnered on a field guide that covers everything from easy concepts to advanced practices. Our latest Instaread hits the high points of this […]

The next tech giants

Quantum computers are really cool — literally. The machines have to operate at temps near absolute zero (about -273 degrees Celsius) to maintain something called quantum coherence (don’t ask). As you can imagine, the costs are high, but scientists are predicting the payoff will be immense. So What Do They Do? One thing that researchers […]

How happy are you, really?

We talk a lot about work-life balance. But have you considered your screen-life balance? All the apps we use are like little attention thieves who hack our brains to keep us engaged. In her new book The Power of Fun, health and science journalist Catherine Price talks about how to put down your devices and start […]

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