The NFT Space is Evolving Fast

Earlier this week, someone stole millions of dollars’ worth of NFTs by hacking the Bored Ape Instagram account.  The haul, which included four Bored Apes worth about $1 million as well as other assets, is just the latest event in a series of high-profile thefts that have been rocking the NFT market. A $1.7 million […]

What is Your Financial IQ?

It’s not savings, stocks, precious metals, or property that make you wealthy. It’s what you know about those things that matters. We’re talking about your financial intelligence.  When it comes to making money, knowledge is king, and it can make or break or your business. Most businesses fail not because of a lack of capital, […]

How Instagram changed everything

When Instagram launched in 2010, users carefully sifted through their images to curate their Instagram accounts.  By 2015, Instagram had such a hold on society that the app started shaping reality, with users curating their lives and businesses to produce better content.  Coffee shops started developing an “Instagrammable” aesthetic. The app influenced how book covers […]

When to Use the Worst-Case Scenario

Statistically speaking, the odds are that most of us will live a long life. But for the purposes of choosing a life insurance policy, you should always assume that you’re going to die tomorrow. With that morbid assumption, plus your family’s expenses, it should be easy to calculate how long the insurance payout would last […]

How to Put Nosiness To Good Use

When it comes to kids, we have a tendency to downplay the things that are hard in life. It’s difficult to open up to them about sickness, death, or divorce. And perhaps nothing is harder than being honest about money problems. The trouble is, kids notice everything. Whatever you think you’re hiding from them, they probably […]

The Secret Language of Math

From sports coaches to marketing experts, we all use numbers every day. We need them to understand the world around us, to communicate with each other, and—sometimes—to convince people to take action. Just one problem: the human brain didn’t evolve to readily digest big numbers.  It’s not just you; none of us have the right […]

The Dark Truth Behind AI

What is artificial intelligence? If you ask someone on the street, they might mention Apple’s Siri or Tesla’s cars. But the real answer is far more complicated. Examining the origins of AI and its pitfalls, writer and academic Kate Crawford wants people to know that the AI industry depends on cheap human labor to do […]

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