How happy are you, really?

We talk a lot about work-life balance. But have you considered your screen-life balance? All the apps we use are like little attention thieves who hack our brains to keep us engaged. In her new book The Power of Fun, health and science journalist Catherine Price talks about how to put down your devices and start […]

America’s political spectacle

Is anyone looking forward to the U.S. presidential election in November? Anyone, that is, apart from Donald Trump, who has emerged from relative seclusion at Mar-a-Lago to, alternatively, appear in court and campaign. Often, he seems to be doing both at once. Our latest Instaread checks in. A New Form of Fundraising? Trump’s latest campaign […]

Inside the royal court

The Royal Family has really been going through it, as they say. Charles has cancer. Katherine’s recovering from an undisclosed illness. And poor old Harry is practically American now. Who has been advising these people through the crises? And how soon can they be replaced? A Delicate Balance A good courtier fills a variety of […]

Are you a visual thinker?

From the moment we’re born, our perceptions of the world are highly visual. But as we get older, language begins to take precedence for most people. Visual thinkers excel in spatial tasks (like putting furniture together) and struggle with traditional education. These differences are often considered weaknesses, but they can be assets. Problem Solving Visual […]

Follow the money

The advent of digital currency made criminal investigations a lot more complicated. But blockchain analysis tools used by federal investigators are already surprisingly sophisticated. An investigative journalist for Wired magazine delves deep into the weeds. Like eBay for Crime In California, in 2016, a team was assembled to flush out individual money launderers and drug dealers on […]

Pump Club 📖

When Arnold Schwarzenegger moved to the United States in 1968, he was aghast. The general public knew nothing about bodybuilding. Arnie knew he had a duty. A duty to pump you up. Sell the Vision Schwarzenegger argued that bodybuilders needed to teach journalists about the sport, and took it upon himself to educate the public. Authenticity and owning […]

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