Inside the royal court

The Royal Family has really been going through it, as they say. Charles has cancer. Katherine’s recovering from an undisclosed illness. And poor old Harry is practically American now. Who has been advising these people through the crises? And how soon can they be replaced? A Delicate Balance A good courtier fills a variety of […]

Why do people hate Ray Dalio?

In 2017, Ray Dalio wrote a hit autobiography about how he founded and led Bridgewater, the world’s largest hedge fund. The book was enormously successful, but it also fed discontent behind the scenes between Dalio and his employees. Rob Copeland, a financial reporter for the New York Times, digs deep into Dalio’s secrets in our latest Instaread. […]

What it’s like to be poor

Stephanie Land’s life changed forever when she wrote her first memoir, Maid, and the adaptation blew up on Netflix. But before any of that happened, she struggled horribly as a single mother with an abusive ex. Her second book, Class, tells that story — and it isn’t always pretty.  Found Family Perhaps the biggest drain on Stephanie’s […]

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