Let’s Avoid the Robot Uprising

If we’ve learned one thing from movies and television, it’s that the robot uprising is going to be rough for us humans. Machines made of metal tend to have an advantage over old-fashioned flesh and blood. Who among us has time to meet an army of murderous computers on some apocalyptic battlefield? Don’t we already have enough problems? 

Artificial intelligence is a rich source of science fiction for a good reason: it’s very impressive, and rife with risk. AI is the most active and fast-growing field of research, not only in computers, but in science in general. 

As machine-learning systems grow more prevalent and powerful, it’s urgent that we build technology that serves our best interests, instead of becoming a threat. In the field of computer science, this field of study is known as The Alignment ProblemLearn more about it in our latest Instaread.

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