Free will is fake news

What if we told you that there’s no such thing as free will? That’s the premise of Stanford professor Robert M. Sapolsky’s latest bestseller, Determined. He says that all human behavior is down to biological and environmental factors, not personal choices. What does that mean for how we live our lives? Don’t Worry, Society Won’t Collapse […]

Should you try fasting?

Women often receive medical advice that overlooks their hormonal landscapes, which vary considerably from person to person. Problems with metabolic health are often dismissed as normal aspects of aging, but new research suggests that fasting might be the answer. What do you need to know? Metabolic Switching Switching between eating and fasting, known as “metabolic […]

How billionaires are ruining your life

Would you believe the world’s richest men aren’t interested in closing the wealth gap? Indeed, those guys need economic disparity in order to build out their fortunes, according to journalist Peter S. Goodman. Jeff Bezos, for example, built Amazon at the cost of workers’ rights and fair competition. The Real Enemy Foreign competition isn’t the number one […]

A peek inside Amazon’s coporate thunderdome

Kristi Coulter survived 12 years of the intense work culture at Amazon before she decided to call it quits. That included an overwhelming workload, complex office politics, and little to no time for her personal life. Our latest release examines her recent memoir. Pain vs. Discomfort Coulter learned something useful from a yoga instructor: there […]

Let’s get random

What role does randomness play in our lives? Social science tells us that seemingly minor events can have surprisingly significant consequences. Embracing the chaos can help you better manage risk and make plans for the future. It can also make you happier. Leave Room for Chance Our economic and political systems simplify life’s rich tapestry […]

The billionaire mindset

Rich people just think different. If you can train your mind to adopt that way of thinking, you’re one step closer to amassing wealth. In our latest release, ultra-successful entrepreneur Brad Jacobs shares a series of mental exercises that will set you on the right path. Hesitation = Stagnation Imperfection is a fact of life. In […]

The easy trick that prevents misunderstandings

Effective communication is a superpower that anyone can learn. In our latest Instaread, investigative journalist Charles Duhigg shares the secret formula. There are really only three types of conversation: practical, emotional, and social. Your job is to understand the difference. Your New Superpower Practical, decision-based conversations focus on the question “What’s this really about?” Emotional conversations ask […]

The most borrowed book at libraries last year

When Lessons in Chemistry was published in 2022, it struck a nerve with readers. The novel quickly climbed the charts, became an international hit, and inspired a series on Apple TV. Why has it resonated with so many? This hugely popular novel is the subject of our latest release. A Character to Care About Elizabeth Zott is a […]

How to trust your team

Strong products are important, but the teams behind them matter most. Empowered teams need both incredible ideas and the means to quickly test them. That starts with senior leadership. How can you make sure that everyone involved has what they need to do their best work? Teamwork 101 Strong collaboration comes from the top down. […]

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