The Longevity Question

There is no cure for aging, of course. But many researchers approach the effects and disorders of aging as inevitable, which is a limiting perspective. Instead, it’s helpful to look at aging as a process that can be treated, slowed, or even partially reversed. 

Cutting-edge science is focused on “biological reprogramming”: dietary restrictions, genetic modifications, and lifestyle changes that can help you live longer and avoid diseases such as cancer and dementia. 

So far, there have been promising results with the simple therapy of eating less. In animals, severely restricted diets have been shown to delay age-related weakness and mortality, as well as prevent other diseases.

When good aging treatments are established, scientists will have more time to create the next generation of anti-aging drugs. Even partial success would mean adding years to the average life expectancy. For more on these exciting developments, visit our Instaread on Ageless

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