Forget Big Leaps. Try Small Steps.

Society measures our success in terms of big achievements. This can lead us to doubt our own progress when a change doesn’t look like a revolution.

To be successful, we need to shake off this mindset and embrace breaking down large goals into tiny steps that take 30 seconds or less to accomplish. The 30-second limit guarantees that you’ll have time to fit the adjustments into your regular routine. Easy!

To identify the first behavior you want to adjust, think in terms of impact, motivation, and ability. (Will the behavior help you achieve your goals? And will it be easy to implement?) Then start with the smallest step possible. For example, if you want to start running in the morning, start by putting on your running shoes. That can be the only step you take on the first day.

Your new habits will quickly grow and flourish because experiencing success is a powerful motivator. For more insights into building small changes into big wins, check out our Instaread on Tiny Habits.

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