The Invisible Influencers

The most talented ones are all but invisible. But whether or not you know their names, public relations professionals deeply influence our day-to-day lives, working behind the scenes to shape our opinions.

The public requires information about…well, everything. And we use that information to formulate the judgments that make the world move—pressuring politicians, interacting with businesses, and playing out in our social lives.

A highly skilled publicist has to be a counselor, a psychologist, and an advertiser, among other things. The ones who work for celebrities are like attorneys, advising their clients, making arguments on their behalf, and watching them get judged in the court of public opinion. During Will Smith’s kerfuffle at the Academy Awards, one of the first people by his side was his publicist. We hope she gets a raise.

But even outside of Hollywood, with the rise of social media, many of us function as public relations professionals for at least part of our jobs. Meet us at the crossroads of public opinion and contemporary influencers with our Instaread on Crystallizing Public Opinion

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