How to Create Branded Content

A post is never just a post, especially if you want to be a paid influencer.

No matter what platforms you’re using, brands will be scrutinizing your content to see if you’re someone they want to do business with. They’re closely studying photos of you and photos of your surroundings to see if your image is a good fit.

Brands also want experience and competence. They’re looking to work with people who post often, with more than one type of content. They love creativity, as long as you’re inclusive and professional.

Finally, brands are looking at your fans and followers. Across social media, they want to know the size of your audience. You can be sure they’ll keep an eye on engagement, because they’re looking for access.

To get hired by advertisers and other companies, you have to be committed to a regular schedule of quality content. We’re here to help you learn the ropes with our Instaread on Influencer

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