Why Are There So Many Conspiracy Theories?

History tells us that deadly epidemics tend to bring about the spread of misinformation.

The current pandemic has fueled many conspiracy theories regarding the nature of COVID-19 and its spread. Misinformation networks have been accelerated and extended by modern technology. That includes social media platforms like Facebook and YouTube.

Bad information about the supposed cures for the virus has also been abundant. Hucksters of all varieties have tried to make a profit by selling remedies that don’t work, or are even dangerous.

Fortunately, plagues also have the ability to deepen our capacity for love, cooperation, and altruism. People are more likely to open up to each other and discuss negative feelings when they’re all in the same boat. This fosters trust.

For a riveting look at how our experience during COVID-19 aligns with societies during the worst plagues in human history, visit our Instaread on Apollo’s Arrow.

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