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Weekend Wisdom – Myths About Aging

How many aches, pains, and other ailments have you dismissed as a natural part of the aging process? You might want to rethink your position.

In GRAIN BRAIN, author David Perlmutter points out that physical and cognitive decline are not inevitable for most people. Lifestyle choices often make a big difference.

Perlmutter says that most of us can guard against mental decline by making better food choices.

Genetic predisposition certainly plays a role in diseases like dementia and Alzheimer’s disease. But DNA doesn’t dictate a person’s health destiny. By avoiding the gluten, carbs, sugar, and grains in detrimental foods, we can offset the chance of unfavorable outcomes.

Even if you’ve made poor choices in the past, it’s never too late to make a change. Cutting back on grains in your diet at any point will dramatically improve your health. For more tips on how to minimize your risk of disease, visit our Instaread on GRAIN BRAIN.

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