Are robots going to be evil or not?

Here’s a sobering statistic: artificial intelligence is expected to surpass the most intelligent human by a billion times by 2049. To put this in perspective, your IQ, compared to AI, will be analogous to the IQ of a fly and Albert Einstein. The future gets shaky to forecasters at that point because by then, technological change will be so rapid and profound that the possibilities are endless.

The question is: is this good? Or bad?

The Wealth Gap Will Get Bigger

Former Google X CBO and AI expert Mo Gawdat thinks one of the most near-term problems is likely to be AI’s impact on society and the economy. A few wealthy individuals will probably control these machines, manipulating capital markets and influencing economies for personal gains. The job market will become more polarized and there will be fewer high-paying jobs. To avoid that future, it’s up to us to motivate machines to act in humanity’s best interest.

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