Blueprint for a Better Life

While Siri (and Google, and Alexa) can instantly answer almost any question, they don’t know anything about our emotional lives.

We all ask each other “How are you?” seemingly countless times a day. It’s become such a reflex that we rarely notice when we say it, and almost never give an accurate answer. We don’t expect, want, or give an honest reply.

Emotions like sadness, disappointment, anxiety, and irritation are inconvenient—they get in the way of our busy lives. Or at least that’s what we tell ourselves, when we do our best to ignore them.

The problem is that when we ignore or suppress our feelings, they only become stronger. These powerful emotions build up like a dark force that can poison everything we do.

Hurt feelings won’t heal themselves. If we don’t express them, they pile up and cost us a lot. Give yourself Permission to Feel with our latest Instaread.

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