The Secret to Long-Lasting Love

Dopamine is a natural chemical associated with feelings of pleasure. It’s closely connected with the experience of falling in love, because dopamine is released in reaction to promising surprises and unexpected events.

But there’s a downside. As you get to know your partner better, the dopamine doesn’t flow quite so easily. It may seem like love fades over time because familiarity doesn’t inspire those bursts of good chemicals.

Passionate love is exciting, but it’s also temporary. But just because the dopamine rush you got from your relationship ended doesn’t mean the relationship has to end, too. You might just need to put in a little extra effort.

The good news is that time fuels compassionate love, which is based on trust and intimacy. That’s the real key to long-lasting relationships.

Want to learn more about the chemical in your brain that controls love, sex, and creativity? Check out our Instaread on The Molecule of More.

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