Were Your Parents Emotionally Immature?

When you were a kid, were your parents impulsive, insecure, or narcissistic?

These personality problems can have an outsized impact on kids, who are programmed to look to their parents for security and care.

There are four types of emotionally immature parents: emotional, driven, passive, and rejecting.

Emotional parents are easily upset and expect others to soothe and comfort them. Driven parents don’t adapt themselves to children’s needs; instead, they push their kids to adapt for them. Passive parents don’t offer their children guidance, nor do they provide them with the skills necessary to handle life’s difficulties. And rejecting parents are unapproachable and intimidating. They prefer to be left alone.

If one or both of your parents fit one of these four types, it’s possible that you have lingering emotional problems from childhood. To learn how to free yourself from emotional damage, consult our Instaread on Adult Children of Emotionally Immature Parents.

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