What Kind of Leader Will You Be?

Some people just seem born to lead.

A leader might be someone who’s able to build a company that creates breakthrough technology, or someone who provides an example of how others can overcome marginalization and hardship. For example, Jeff Bezos’s passion for entrepreneurship and his ability to foresee the boom in online shopping helped him change the face of modern retail. Tim Cook, the head of Apple, used his position to advocate for increased diversity in the business world.

Although leaders vary in temperament and demeanor, most share a number of qualities in their personal and professional lives, including the desire to succeed, a willingness to work hard, and the ability to focus on their goals.

The stories of great leaders can show that there are many different paths to reach leadership positions in a given field. For highlights from interviews with 30 recognized leaders, check out our Instaread on How to Lead.

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