Stop Worrying, Start Living

If you’re plagued by worry—and who isn’t these days—one way to neutralize your fear is to accept the worst-case scenario and plan from there.

Most of our worst fears will never come true. But if you accept the possibility that bad things can happen, your most persistent worries will likely loosen their grip. Planning for the worst takes this logic a step further, turning repetitive thoughts into a productive coping mechanism.

Often people become trapped in a vicious cycle of feeling anxious, and then suppressing that anxiety. But this strategy just hides the anxiety, which will resurface at inopportune times (like when you’re trying to go to sleep). Meeting the fear head-on is a much more effective means of neutralizing it.

Worst-case scenario planning can be a powerful motivational tool, giving us the nudge we need to tackle boring or unpleasant tasks such as financial planning, drafting a will, or backing up our hard drives. For more tips on how to best ease your troubled mind, check out our Instaread on How to Stop Worrying and Start Living.

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