Defeat the Anti-Self

According to Mike Bayer, a former meth addict turned world-renowned life coach, there’s a fine line between the worst and best versions of your personality. One tool you can use to make sure you’re on the path to fulfilling your potential is the “Best Self” and Anti-Self” labeling system, in which you think of your personality as two characters. This distinction can help guide your decisions as you make critical behavioral changes.

Within each of us, there is a spectrum of behaviors that emerge depending on the situation and our mood. These behaviors belong to two different personality profiles: the Best Self and the Anti-Self. The Best Self has traits and behaviors that will help you attain your goals, while your Anti-Self tries to derail those same goals.

It may seem a little strange to think of yourself in this divided way. But by labeling your behavioral patterns and assigning them different names, it will become easier to avoid poor choices and to emphasize your most excellent traits.

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