Are You Setting the Wrong Goals?

Most of us spend our lives comparing ourselves to other people.

As kids, we’re taught to evaluate ourselves in terms of benchmarks like grades and scores. These ideals are set by the educational system, not kids or parents. Over time, this mindset leads us to embrace society’s definitions of success—money, popularity, or even social media likes—instead of true fulfillment. 

Our lives become a frantic and failed race to measure up.

Entrepreneurial coach Dan Sullivan says that, as adults, we need to choose between the GAP and the GAIN. People who live in the GAP are unfulfilled; they allow their lives to be dictated by someone or something outside of them. When we move into the GAIN, we establish our own reference points for success and happiness. 

Fulfillment is more accessible when you decide for yourself what it means. Learn how to craft more meaningful goals with our Instaread on The GAP and the GAIN

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