How to Raise a Happy Kid

Did your parents ever force you to participate in an activity you dreaded as a kid? Whether it was music lessons, a team sport, or something else, most of us were required to spend time doing something we didn’t want to do.

Many people have false assumptions about success, especially when it comes to their children. They imagine that it’s important to push their kids to be competitive all the time. A far better strategy is to help kids find hobbies they enjoy.

It might help to think of yourself as a consultant, rather than a manager. Your role as a consultant is to support your child’s interests to inspire their personal growth.

It’s your child’s job to figure out who they are (with your help). If they feel forced into doing activities they do not want to do, they won’t take pleasure in their own success. For more thoughts on how to be a better parent, check out our Instaread on The Self-Driven Child.

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