Do You Need to Manage Your Moods?

Moods happen. We feel happy. We feel sad. We feel angry. We can’t eliminate these emotions, but we can learn to control them better. That’s where our latest Instaread summary comes in: The Book of Moods.

Wake Up with a Smile

Our emotional responses to events are closely linked to the way we interpret those occurrences. But these interpretations are extremely subjective. We are so convinced by our own imagined reality that we act like it’s the historical record. But it isn’t; it’s just the way you see things through the lens of your particular point of view.

Negative experiences can trigger incorrect interpretations of events because they have so much emotional resonance. Becoming conscious of our own faulty thinking is the first step toward retraining our minds. Shift your inner dialogue and watch the world transform.

Read our full summary of The Book of Moods. . .

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