Be a Better Control Freak

Research shows that feeling in control—not necessarily being in control—helps determine how happy and successful you are. People who have a sense that their actions shape their fate are less stressed, in life and at work. Feeling in control will help you communicate better, solve problems faster, and feel more motivated. It might even improve your health.

Unfortunately, no one feels in control all the time. Even the most disciplined, organized people sometimes deal with hard-to-handle situations. Here’s a three-step process to try when such occasions arise:

• First, identify the feelings. Discuss them with someone else or write them down on paper. This step will help you gain clarity.

• Next, narrow the scope of the problem by determining which factors in the situation are within your control and which are not. This will help focus your atttention where it is most needed.

• Finally, identify one small step that you can take to improve the situation. This will give you a greater feeling of control.

Looking for more tips on how to stay calm, cool, and collected? Start with our Instaread on The Happiness Advantage.

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