How to Fake It

The best way to acquire confidence is to act as though you already have it.

Just fake it till you make it. Public speaking is akin to putting on an act for an audience, much as a theater performer will do in a play. Like an actor, a speaker can project confidence with body language and tone of voice. Performing confidence will eventually allow you to feel more confident “on stage,” whether that’s in a conference room or a Zoom meeting.

Public speaking is still a very common fear, and it can impede the trajectory of your career. Many professionals feel ill-equipped to give a public speech, or even hold the floor in a closed-door meeting. In such situations, it can be helpful to remember that your fear of public speaking is not unique or even rare. Famous orators like Mark Twain, Theodore Roosevelt, and Charlie Chaplain all admitted to feeling anxious about public speaking. They overcame the obstacle by putting on an act.

Learn how to project confidence with our Instaread on Dale Carnegie’s How to Develop Self-Confidence and Improve Public Speaking.

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