Weekend Wisdom – Seize Control of Your Destiny

Social media has changed the game of entrepreneurship, with platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram making it easier for companies with small budgets to create high-impact advertising campaigns.

But it can be frustrating to get started, especially given that each platform has its own culture and etiquette.

Social media expert and entrepreneur Gary Vaynerchuk has an excellent piece of advice for entrepreneurs: When it comes to success, hard work beats talent every time.

Yes, any company can succeed on social media. But it probably won’t happen overnight, and it will require a lot of hard work. Given that advertising on social media is a congested field, a certain amount of hustle will be required to stand out from the crowd.

How will you do it? Providing valuable content, building a strong image, working with influencers, and varying strategy by platform are all tactics that will give you a strong start. 

To learn more about how to seize opportunities on social media, get started with our Instaread on #ASKGARYVEE.

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