Get Rich Quick

Twelve months. That’s all you need.

Entrepreneur Ryan Daniel Moran has a three-stage blueprint for establishing a million-dollar business. Stage one is the Grind, which can take up to three months. You’re in the Grind until you can define your customer, choose your first product, and achieve at least 25 sales per day.

Stage two is the Growth, and it occurs during months five through eight. This period requires you to engage with your audience, including the solicitation of high-quality reviews. The best strategy is to make your customers happy so they’ll want to voluntarily talk about you, share your work, and provide feedback.

The third and final stage is the Gold, which lasts until month 12. This is a good time to launch additional products that will create repeat buyers and additional advertising opportunities.

Ready to get started with your million-dollar business? Look for more insights in our Instaread on 12 Months to $1 Million.

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