Does the Punishment Fit the Crime?

Life would be easier if there were a set script for us to follow.

But parenting is an improvisational art. Each child is unique, and more than that, each situation is different. What may work for one child or one set of circumstances may or may not work in a different situation.

To find a system that works, parents need to take into account the specifics of a child’s personality before engaging. For example, the child’s stage of development is a crucial factor in responding to bad behavior. You can’t reason with a two-year-old who throws a tantrum because you restrict sugary foods before bedtime. Instead of appealing to the child’s capacity for logic (or lack thereof), it will be better to try to distract them.

Many parents consider discipline to be a form of punishment. But “discipline” actually means “teaching,” which is a more constructive and thoughtful response. To learn more about productive strategies for No-Drama Discipline, we recommend our latest Instaread.

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