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Habits should be no-brainers. This goes for habits we’d like to form and the ones we’d like to break. The easier you make it to put the new behavior on repeat, the more success you’ll have.

The only problem is that getting started can be difficult and overwhelming. That’s why success coach Jen Sincero boils down the process into manageable exercises that you can implement one day at a time over a period of three weeks.

Day 1 of Sincero’s 21-day program consists of creating a personal mantra related to the goal. Crafting and repeating this short inspirational phrase is a powerful first step towards change.

Day 2 requires setting yourself up for success. Again, you want to make positive change as easy as possible. Put some thought into structuring your new habit to make it as effortless as possible. Organization, scheduling, reminders, and accountability are all considerations to keep in mind.

On Day 3, you’ll launch a tracking system. It’s much easier to stick to a new habit if you feel like you’re making progress.

For the remaining steps in the 21-day process, check out our Instaread on Badass Habits.

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