10 Predictions from Fareed Zakaria

Wondering what the world is going to be like post-COVID? Fareed Zakaria has two words for you: Buckle up.

One thing that the pandemic has made clear is that as much as we are globally connected, each country is very much on its own. No one nation can shape the trajectory of the planet. Today, the world is more open, fast, and unstable than at any other point in history.

Over the past few decades, globalization has occurred at such a large scale that humans are extending farther and farther into nature and living closer to wild animals, which facilitates the transmission of diseases like COVID-19. We’re starting to see the consequences of our actions.

Although the consequences are scary and it may seem like our world is unstable and fragile, human beings are not. We have survived and flourished through many disasters, wars, and plagues. We need to think of the pandemic as a call to action, to figure out what must be done and how to do it. We must work toward a better world together, instead of each country looking out for its own interests.

Look into the future with Fareed Zakaria with our Instaread on Ten Lessons for a Post-Pandemic World.

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