5 Steps to Conquer Any Fear

You can conquer any fear in just five steps. Think of it as a workout: you must keep pushing yourself harder and harder by introducing obstacles and overcoming them. One day you will reach your goal.

Step 1: Identify one or two stressors related to the fear that you can introduce into your life. You should feel uncomfortable, but not in pain.

Step 2: Observe. Take notes about how you react to the stressor(s). Your natural reaction contains important information.

Step 3: Adjust. Identify how you’d like to change your natural reaction. This may take a few tries. But little adjustments can add up to big improvements over time.

Step 4: Overcome. Focus on one area you need to correct, and work on it until it’s mastered.

Step 5: Repeat. Focus on a new area each time. Having strong mental armor requires repetition. Eventually, you’ll overcome the fear.

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