How to Avoid Burnout

With many people still working from home, the line between work and leisure has grown increasingly blurry. But the human brain and body aren’t built to work at full power for long stretches of time. We work much better when we oscillate between effort and rest.

“Rest” doesn’t just mean sleep, by the way. Rest may, for example, include the act of switching from one type of activity to another. Creating variety in the workday gives your brain an opportunity to pause between tasks.

Another great form of rest is daydreaming. While daydreaming is often mistaken for unproductive time, it’s a great way to give your brain a break. Everyone should make time to daydream more often.

When you push yourself to work harder, the plan will backfire, and you’ll end up with lower-quality work. Try taking a productive break with our Instaread on Burnout.

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